Always Be Recycling

Electronics Recycling Solutions

Our Story:

Jamison and Leann started ABR in Montgomery County PA in June of 2014 recycling metal for extra income. We were a bartender and a waitress with an entrepreneurial spirit looking for a way to help people and make a difference. With a growing passion for recycling and a thirst for knowledge we quickly learned about electronics recycling and how necessary it was!  We educated ourselves and started getting the word out there.  We grew our business in PA over the course of 6 years and were able to help so many people and companies keep there old, broken and unwanted electronics out of the landfill.  We held several community collection events annually and offered both pick up and drop off services.

In August of 2020 we decided to relocate our business to Chattanooga Tennessee and we are so excited to be here to serve this community.  Hamilton County TN, we are your electronics recycling solution!  We offer free residential electronics recycling drop offs and free commercial electronics recycling pickups in and around Hamilton County and are scheduling community collection events.   

Our Process:

Our process for electronics is very unique because we take the time to test every item that comes to us.  We repair, refurbish, or part out all electronics that are not obsolete.  Our goal is to find a new home for everything!  Items that come to us that are either obsolete or not repairable we then disassemble them and send the parts to a refinery or recycling facility.  

We take personal information very seriously.  We always guarantee that the data on all items is destroyed and not recoverable.