Always Be Recycling

We started ABR in June of 2014 recycling metal for extra income.  We were a bartender and a waitress with an entrepreneurial spirit looking for a way to help people and make a difference.  With a growing passion for recycling and a thirst for knowledge we quickly learned about electronics recycling, how necessary it was, and how much of it was out there.  We educated ourselves and began building a network to expand our reach and increase our potential.  

Electronic waste is responsible for one of the fastest growing streams of today’s consumer and commercial waste.  In 2010, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed the Covered Device Recycling Act, which requires individuals and entities to properly recycle most electronic devices.

 It's a good law, because anything with a circuit board contains hazardous materials that no one wants to see buried in a landfill, releasing them into our environment. Every month, Always Be Recycling keeps thousands of pounds of lead, mercury, cadmium, lithium, beryllium, and other nasty stuff from polluting our landfills, water supply and wildlife.